Truly decentralized crypto trading platform for novice and professional traders

Why choose OpenLedger DEX for trading

Real decentralization

There is no central platform that can be subject to theft, manipulation or performance issues.

% %

Trading fee of 0.2%

The most reasonable fee on the market given such an extensive range of features.

High performance

A BitShares-based system that handles 100,000 transactions per second, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being not even close to that.

Maximum security

Decentralization, advanced encryption, 2FA, cold storage, rigorous access management — we keep your account and assets protected at all times.

Basic and advanced modes

Intuitive interfaces to help both newcomers and professionals make the most of our platform.

Over 50 coins

The number of supported currencies includes BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO and Dash, and grows rapidly. Backed with price-stable coins: bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR

Super responsive support

A dedicated technical support team available via email and messengers around the clock.

Hello, how can we help you?

Has my password changed?

No-one but you has access to your password.

How do I cancel an order?

Go to Account > Orders, then click the Cancel button.

Hello, how we can help you?

Where can I find Operation ID?

Go to Account > History > Operation ID.

How do I back up a new wallet?

You’ll be offered the chance to back up immediately after you create your account.

Serving users who speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and many more languages — almost the whole world!


How are OpenLedger DEX and Bitshares connected?

BitShares is a platform running on Graphene and providing all the necessary tools and features such as Decentralized Verification, Public P2P Network, Industry-Grade Security, DPOS Consensus, Decentralized Decision Making, Stakeholder-Approved Project Funding, Decentralized Exchange, Counterparty-Risk Free Trading, Integrated Payment Solution, Price-Stable Cryptocurrencies, Referral Program, Prediction Markets, and Recurring & Scheduled Payments.

OpenLedger DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the decentralized market. Offering a number of advanced instruments, it still remains within reach of less tech-savvy users. It’s much similar to RuDEX, Crypto-Bridge, and others.

The OpenLedger’s user-friendly interface makes this BitShares platform easy to use for anyone. And what is more important – OpenLedger has numerous gateways allowing users to deposit and/or withdraw different cryptocurrencies traded on this exchange.

When you speak about OpenLedger and Bitshares account, you speak about the same thing. It means that you can create an account at and log in with it at, and vice versa.

As OpenLedger DEX is a BitShares platform, it is obvious that they have the same registration process and the same account models.

Goodwill gestures

Being a decentralized exchange, we don’t have access to users’ accounts and their login details. If you lose or forget your login credentials or delete or remove your backup files, we won’t be able to restore the access to the OpenLedger DEX account for you.

We also won’t be able to restore the access to your funds, but we may refund assets issued by OpenLedger DEX (e.g., BTC) in some cases as a gesture of goodwill.

I lost access to my account. Can OpenLedger DEX return my funds?

If you lose or forget your login credentials or delete or remove your backup files, we won’t be able to restore the access to the OpenLedger DEX account for you.

We may make a goodwill gesture (sending your funds to another account you have at if you transferred funds to your OpenLedger DEX account from an external wallet or another exchange and the whole transferred amount has been untouched. To be eligible for a refund, you must provide compelling evidence that you own these funds.

OpenLedger DEX users in some other cases such as sending funds to a scam account can apply for a refund too.

Please note that all the refunds are subject to the administration fee of 30%, with the minimum charge being 0.025 BTC. Only assets issued by OpenLedger (e.g., ETH) can be refunded.

To apply for a refund, create a new support ticket and set the ‘Type of Issue’ field to ‘Funds Recovery (Good Will)’. Try to fill in all the fields. You can expect a reply within 72 hours.

How do I get started with my project on OpenLedger DEX?

Please send a request to Please include your contact details, basic information about your project, and relevant web links in the email.

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OpenLedger DEX. Temporary Suspension Of Activity

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