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Why choose OpenLedger DEX for trading

Real decentralization

There is no central platform that can be subject to theft, manipulation or performance issues.

% %

Trading fee of 0.2%

The most reasonable fee on the market given such an extensive range of features.

High performance

A Graphene-based system that handles 100,000 transactions per second, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being not even close to that.

Maximum security

Decentralization, advanced encryption, 2FA, cold storage, rigorous access management — we keep your account and assets protected at all times.

Basic and advanced modes

Intuitive interfaces to help both newcomers and professionals make the most of our platform.

Over 50 coins

The number of supported currencies includes BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO and Dash, and grows rapidly. Backed with fiat gateways for USD, CNY and EUR

Super responsive support

A dedicated technical support team available via email and messengers around the clock.

Hello, how we can help you?

Has my password changed?

No-one but you has access to your password.

How do I cancel an order?

Go to Account, then Orders. There you will see the cancel button.

Hello, how we can help you?

Where i can find "Operation ID"

Go to «Account / History / Operation ID»

How do I back up a new wallet?

If you’re just creating your account, you’ll be offered the chance to back up immediately after you create your account.

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