4 reasons to get involved in a referral program

August 16, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Referrals programs are popular for a reason: they make sense. They’re an easy way for all parties to get a win.

OpenLedger DEX Referral Program lets participants make profits without effort or costs. Here’s how it works:

As a Lifetime Member of OpenLedger DEX, you share a Referral Link or QR code with your friends and contacts, through any channel and as many times as you want. When someone follows the link or QR code, you get 80% of the market fees on their transaction.

Your referral balance accumulates in your OpenLedger DEX account, and you have to claim the rewards to transfer them to your active balance. A network fee is charged for this, just like for any other transaction across the system.

The Referral Program currently applies to trades with 18 different cryptocurrencies.

Why take part in a referral program?

1: It’s easy!

The only action you have to take is to share the Link or QR code, whenever you feel like it. You’d share news and ideas; in a referral program, you’re just sharing an opportunity the same way.

2: It’s long-term

As a Lifetime Member, you can pick up the fee reward on referrees’ transactions any time, whether it’s minutes or months since you shared the link.

3: It facilitates networking

Everyone knows not to send ‘checking in’ emails, or ‘let’s connect’ messages on LinkedIn. You’ve got to offer people a reason to reply! When you share a referral link you bring something valuable to the table, and it shows others that you’re knowledgable and involved in the space.

4: It pays

Last but not least, referral programs pay. They let you build a wider network, and they make the one you already have profitable. Every time you share the link or code, you’re putting yourself in a position to profit.

Learn more about the OpenLedger DEX Referral Program here.

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