Can blockchain’s decentralized ledger save democracy? August 15, 2018

Pursuing and establishing truth is hard work. A maelstrom of subjective truth or, worse, falsehood presented as fact, is all over our mobile devices and media. Can blockchain’s decentralized ledger help restore news values and public trust?

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What are stable coins and which cryptos are stable coins August 07, 2018

What if there were a stable digital currency with all the benefits of regular cryptos in terms of blockchain security and transparency, but none of the crazy volatility?

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Blockchain in e-commerce and online trading August 06, 2018

A variety of new players have launched to expand the potential of e-commerce through blockchain, while the addition of artificial intelligence promises to open up whole new areas of business.

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Could blockchain transform the UK property market? August 06, 2018

Buying property across much of the UK is a major exercise in frugality and perseverance. But some think blockchain has potential to make property ownership more accessible and the sales chain cheaper and faster.

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Blockchain can unlock and unblock the supply chain August 03, 2018

Blockchain is the perfect fix for fragmented, global supply chains that lead to huge stacks of paperwork and regularly feature costly delays.

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