Free Lifetime Membership of VPLedger available with 1,000 OBITS deposit!

October 21, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Any user who swaps 1,000 OBITS for Vimples on testnet will be eligible for free Lifetime Membership, with Vimples spent on membership refunded on mainnet at its launch in January. 

          Breaking news! OBITS, the revenue-generating token hosted on the BitShares network, can be swapped 1:1 for Vimples on the new VPLedger Software-as-a-Service platform. Vimples are the default means of payment for all products and services on VPLedger, and will be worth the equivalent of EUR 1 each on mainnet. 

          Moreover, anyone who swaps at least 1,000 OBITS for Vimples will be able to claim free Lifetime Membership of VPLedger as a ‘Thank you’ from the VPLedger team for taking an interest at this early stage! The offer of free Lifetime Membership will only be available until the end of the year. 

Payment details

OBITS – send OBITS (OBITS 1:1 VPL) to following account with instructions:

account : vpledger
memo: your account name on VPLedger

You can create your account on VPLedger at the link:

Limited special offer

          After swapping their OBITS for Vimples on the VPLedger testnet, users can purchase Lifetime Membership from their VPLedger account for 1,000 Vimples. The 1,000 Vimples will be credited back to their account on mainnet when it launches in 2020, making this a free gift from the VPLedger team!

          Any amount of OBITS can be swapped for Vimples, though only one Lifetime Membership can be purchased per user. However, there is nothing to stop users from sending OBITS to a friend or colleague’s account, enabling them to purchase Lifetime Membership too!

          All users’ Membership status, as well as any Vimples in their balance, will automatically be carried across to the VPLedger mainnet next year. Vimples can therefore be stored safely on the VPLedger testnet, as well as sent to other users at this stage to test out the platform’s basic functionality.

          Together, a maximum of 14,490 Lifetime Memberships have been allocated to OBITS holders. The OpenLedger DEX has an option to withdraw tokens to VPLedger, and all members of the BitShares community who own OBITS are encouraged to use this to swap their OBITS for Vimples on VPLedger’s testnet. 

          Lifetime Members will receive a referral code and can start using it to sign up new members to the VPLedger testnet straight away. Just like their Vimple balances, their referrals history will be carried over to mainnet in January 2020 and they can start earning fees from every transaction their referrals make on the platform. 

Benefits of swapping OBITS for Vimples:

Free Lifetime Membership for VPLedger: only available during testnet phase
1,000 Vimple cost is refunded to the user on mainnet launch
Receive affiliate code and start referring new users
Establish passive income from referrals’ transaction fees and rebates of 60% on own transaction fees
Vimple balance and membership status automatically carried across to mainnet in 2020
1:1 OBITS swap for Vimples, no matter what the market price of OBITS

How to buy OBITS

OBITS is a well-established token on the BitShares network, with a large number of holders. OBITS can be purchased on the OpenLedger DEX for BTC, CNY, EOS, ETH and BTS.




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