2 years Proven Results For the World to Audit, an Open Ledger on the Blockchain

December 22, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

Within the period of 23 months, from January 2016 until now, and on the base 50% to 100% of all revenues generated on the BitShares network related activities, performed by the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate of ecosystems, the equivalent of $1,980,000 USD was used to buy back and burn 2,524,000 OBITS out of a total of 18.276.898 OBITS.

This USD amount is based on the values on the dates that the buybacks and burns were performed. The remaining amount of OBITS stands at 15,752,000. At today’s value, it can be said that $2,500,000 USD was spent on the supporters of the OpenLedger ecosystem, who are the OBITS holders. The real value of $1,980,000 USD, however, means that 16% of the total supply was removed within less than 2 years, which is an 8% reduction of supply year on year. In the same two years, the value of OBITS went from $0.10 USD to now around $1.00 USD.

The Company behind it all

Within two years, OpenLedger has managed to build a name for themselves with more than 150,000 unique user sign ups on a three year old, well established, BitShares based blockchain, offering its users a fully functional, financial trading platform running inside every single user’s own browser-based web wallet.

A quick tour on what we have already accomplished will be presented in another article coming up in connection with the video we have had produced in connection with our meetup in Aalborg early November, it is worth noting that we started out with a capital of less than 1 million USD + 1,6 mill seed capital back in early 2016 and with an already spend of 2 million more or less from March 2014 to Feb 2016 (own funds), and already now we have a steady increasing user base making use of the worlds most exciting financial trading platform, we have the worlds first decentralized conglomerate of ecosystems of which the trading platform, advertising, marketing and crowdfunding are already producing revenues, this way all of them supporting the monthly distribution performed on OBITS, ICOO and BTSR stakeholders.

The company picking up on any other revenue available is the Danish company behind the entire operation named OpenLedger ApS providng the staff and offices for all necessary operations, where we count now some 80 full time workers, and some 35 outsourced or part of projects we have in the works.

We have now R&D center in Minsk with space for more than 200 staff, right now some 65, rented office space in Aalborg, Denmark with space for 5 with 4 already active, and outsourced staff in Pärnu, Estonia. Then we have other outsourced staff of around 30 individuals all over the world.

**We are growing and part of our growth are people, hence the slogan of hours Blochain powered, People driven. **

Which brings us to the four projects we expect to introduce as final product and fully functional platforms in first half of 2018 although some not fully done with constant upgrades. They are eDEV, Apptrade, GetGame and Ocash. More on those later on.

Listed more than 20 times in Forbes magazine, OpenLedger has been developing many of the products needed to satisfy mainstream consumers in their daily lives. OpenLedger will be releasing their first four products in 2018; eDEV – The OpenLedger freelancer platform; GetGame – The OpenLedger incubator platform; Apptrade – The OpenLedger stockmarket of apps; and OCASH – The All-In-One payment card.

OCASH has the potential of being utilised by millions of individual’s worldwide, with speedy and transparent money transfers, and less time spent wrapped up in bureaucratic paperwork, or even with banks who are more interested in securing their annual turnover than looking at the needs of everyday man.

The DEX (decentralized exchange) and foundation of OpenLedger DC

In so many ways, the OpenLedger browser-based web wallet is working as each account holders’ own bank, with users private keys located in the cookies, allowing complete privacy and security.

The characteristics are of the OpenLedger DEX are Speed, Transparency, Trust, Privacy, Acceptance, Compliance, Multi-sig accounts, and Smartcoins (of which some are known as stablecoins) – the only place these are offered worldwide.

Asked about how it’s possible to prove the last 23 months of results, Ronny Boesing, the CEO of Danish OpenLedger, replied, “It is all there on the blockchain, for the world to audit; an open ledger of information, transparent and impossible to remove. ”

Boesing continued, “I truly believe in what the blockchain can do for the future. One of the reasons why I started OpenLedger in the first place was that I got tired of all the receipts, bills and invoices I needed to prove my existence. With OpenLedger, it is now possible, thanks to the BitShares blockchain technology that made it all happen. In addition, isn’t it great that you can have the world as your auditor, and you don’t have to pay for it?

OpenLedger has created an increasing amount of crypto gateways to give access to this financial toolbox of features, and the place where anyone wishing to be in control of their own funds can call home. BitShares, with its Graphene toolkit, is the most speedy of all blockchain based trading platforms, with a proven test net result of 3000 transactions per second, 3 secs per block, and more than 60,000 operations within each block. More than 600, 000 transactions were made daily in the last 11 months, and the most transactions of all blockchains were recorded a few days ago, with more than 1 million transactions within 24 hours.


The Bitshares blockchain is the best performing financial trading platform (DEX) of all available platforms, including Ethereum, Waves, NXT, OMNI and Counterparty. The proof is on the blockchain!!


2018 is about to become the year where Bitshares technology, combined with the speed and scalability achieved from using the Graphene toolkit, will become the platform everybody speaks about, watches, joins and uses as their most preferred resource for activities surrounding economy, finance and trading meet in trio of scalable transactions.

Using OpenLedger for the first time

I suggest you watch this great video above about the signup process for getting into this exciting piece of trading tech, and then try it out for your, but beware once you know how to use it, it catches on and get under your skin and you will feel no other exchange is worth using.

You may access the DEX directly via the following link https://openledger.io

And remember always: save your bin.file and password somewhere safe and away from pc in case of theft, loss, destruction etc.

Only having access to both gives you access to your most sacred future mansion, do what it takes to protect your future, ok?


2018 is the time where the blockchain becomes reality, in the sense that OpenLedger will show their real value with a global impact, and where others finally will come out as oversold and under delivered.

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