A Letter from Ronny Boesing. Meet OpenLedger at Upcoming Blockchain Events

September 05, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

A letter from Ronny Boesing

Dear community,

Autumn is coming, the low season is over, and we at OpenLedger are embracing this time of change by working on new projects and updating the old ones. Some of them will be released in September and October – stay tuned!

Meet me at blockchain events

I am happy to announce my confirmed plans of participating in a row of conferences. Here’s the list of the events at which I will be available:

  • Bitfest Amsterdam, September 21-23
  • TechBBQ Copenhagen, September 24-25
  • Blockchain Solutions World Barcelona, October 16-18
  • Malta Blockchain Summit, November 1-2
  • Blockchain Life 2018 Saint Petersburg, November 7-8
  • Blockchain Expo North America, November 28-29

Feel free to reach me at any of these conferences. If you wish to book a meeting, please send a note to contact@openledger.info. I’d love to talk about blockchain tech, OpenLedger products or discuss your future project with our team.

My activity on social media

During the latest months, you could see me being active on social media chats and resources. Due to OpenLedger’s upcoming business activities and the time- and effort-consuming nature of my online presence, I’ve decided to cut down on the social interactions. From now on I won’t be available on social media or for personal messages as well.

I know that some of our active community members were not particularly happy with the news. And I understand their reasoning as well. It is indeed easier to trust a business when its founder is always available for a talk. I’m thankful for all the conversations I’ve had with the community members, as they’ve been beneficial in regards of the feedback about our products, services and the BitShares community activities. But it’s time for me to pass these connections to the community team, especially with the tight conference schedule to which I’m dedicated.

However, this move will not affect the transparency we’re offering to our users, investors, and clients. The OpenLedger team will continue letting you know about our latest projects and activities. You can always reach us at our official social media channels, send a message to our support team or simply shoot an email to contact@openledger.info.

Thanks for your attention!

Best regards,

Ronny Boesing,

OpenLedger CEO

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