OpenLedger DEX Access Issue Update. Reimbursement Program to Be Launched

June 13, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger DEX users,

As you know, we recently faced a complex access issue as our domain hosting provider’s account was compromised and our domain names were temporarily beyond our control . Aiming at stealing login credentials of OpenLedger DEX users, hackers used these names to set up a phishing site.

Though our domains were hijacked, the blockchain itself was completely safe and hackers failed in their attempts to establish control over our servers, meaning that our security and protection measures worked as intended and malicious individuals didn’t get trading information.

We regained access to the domain hosting provider’s account and now we control all the OpenLedger domains. OpenLedger DEX is closely working with officials and the Internet police to help them find the cyber criminals and get users’ funds back.

To achieve maximum security, we are upgrading our SSL certificate to the EV level, the highest class of SSL available today. So please make sure you see the green bar certificate with the OpenLedger name on it every time you are using the OpenLedger DEX trading platform since it guarantees you’re working in a safe environment and no phishing attacks are taking place.

Being a decentralized trading platform, we are not responsible for forgotten or stolen passwords. However, bearing in mind the funds that were lost by our users, we couldn’t steer clear. We’ve decided to reimburse users who lost their assets due to the phishing incident.

Here is how to join the Reimbursement Program:

  1. Create a ticket and write ‘My account was compromised’ in the subject line. Include as many details as possible about your case in the ticket. Make sure to submit a ticket until June 22, 2018, inclusive.
  2. If our support team confirms that your account was hacked and your funds were stolen, you’ll become part of the Program that will be launched on July 2, 2018. Please note that all the cases will be investigated individually.
  3. We will contact Program participants directly to share details of the reimbursement procedure.

Striving to facilitate cryptocurrency trading for our users, ensure top security and deliver a great user experience, we constantly upgrade our platform. We also do our best to protect OpenLedger DEX users from adverse events caused by circumstances beyond our control and help them solve related issues.

Best regards,

Ronny Boesing, CEO
OpenLedger ApS

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