Apptrade ICO: Important Information For Holders

July 23, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Apptrade ICO announcement

Dear APPX.WARRANT holders!

On February 2, 2017, OpenLedger ApS has launched a tokens offering for the Apptrade project, according to an ICO agreement between OpenLedger ApS and Apptrade.

Apptrade ICO results

The minimum amount of US$1 million was not raised. OpenLedger ApS continued the AppTrade offering by amending the offer to include a 50% bonus in APPX.WARRANT tokens in addition to 1 OBITS.WARRANT for every $1.00 in APPX.WARRANT purchased. This amended offer remained open until May 31, 2017.

Following these offerings, due to the fact that the minimum threshold has not been met, all the offering proceeds will be returned to the holders, according to the ICO agreement. All the offering activity related to APPX.WARRANT is deemed terminated.

APPX.WARRANT refund procedures

The record date and time for the refund calculation shall be 1:00 PM (GMT+2) on July 31, 2018, when all accounts holding APPX.WARRANT tokens will be credited with 1.0 BitUSD per 1,5 APPX.WARRANT token, and all APPX.WARRANT tokens will revert to OpenLedger ApS for cancellation (the tokens will be burned). From that point onward no APPX.WARRANT tokens will be in circulation and none will exist for exchange between any party.

No action is required from APPX.WARRANT holders. The calculated amount of BitUSD will be transferred to each applicable account without the need for any approval or confirmation by individual account holders.*

*APPX.WARRANT in orders [Important]

If you have some APPX.WARRANT in orders – be ready to get them back to your account before the refund date and time! APPX.WARRANT in orders will not be credited.

Note that OpenLedger will use its own funds to settle the APPX.WARRANT refund. Therefore, by accepting the funds from OpenLedger ApS, you agree to assign the funds in the escrow to OpenLedger ApS in lieu of payment from escrow.

Contact us

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