Be Aware of Fake ICOO Airdrop Announcements

November 02, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear ICOO holders,

ICOO is a token issued by OpenLedger. Please be aware that we won’t carry out any ICOO airdrops despite all the fake announcements published by malicious individuals across the web and in social media.

These are scam attempts! Don’t trust fake news.

All the announcements about ICOO can be found on its official website¬†and OpenLedger’s social media channels:

OpenLedger Twitter;

OpenLedger Facebook;

OpenLedger LinkedIn;

OpenLedger Youtube;

OpenLedger Telegram;

OpenLedger reddit;

OpenLedger Steemit;

OpenLedger BitcoinTalk.

Best regards,
The OpenLedger Legal Team

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