Chinese school principals caught mining crypto

November 09, 2018
Darya Karatkevich

Two principals at a Chinese school got terminated and expelled from the Communist party for allegedly mining crypto at school.

China cryptomining at school

According to a report from the Hong Kong news outlet HK01, the authorities found out about an ‘undercover’ mining due to extremely high electricity spending, even on holidays and weekends when the school was closed. At first, the general manager of Puman Middle School thought that the outburst of energy spend was due to overuse of air conditioners, however, the investigation revealed that the reason was actually in nine additional computers in total value of $7,000, which were installed by the school’s principal, Lei Hua, and vice principal, Wang Zhipeng, in order to mine crypto.

As it also became clear during the investigation, initially the principal had an equipment installed at his house, however, he wasn’t able to afford an electric bill, and decided to switch his “operations” to a “neutral” ground. As a result, the school lost $2,163.

Even though cryptomining is not allowed at the workplace, that didn’t stop a number of employees from trying, and by this time at least three of similar incidents have become widely known.

Back in March, a state employee at Florida’s Department of Citrus was arrested for allegedly using state computers for cryptocurrency mining. In another instance, Louisiana’s attorney general was investigating a group of former staffers for the same offense. However, probably the most interesting incident so far happened when a former employee of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors was fined $5,000 and put on probation after getting caught mining crypto on a server owned by… the U.S. central bank.

Post written by Darya Karatkevich
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