Choose a Crypto Trader and Earn Together

November 02, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

With Investy, we provide you, the investor, with a marketplace where you can choose a trader or a fund and know that your money is safely invested and the results are authentic.

Investing via the Investy platform is safe.

There is no need to transfer your money or assets, and they are always on your account. Only you can access the transaction, and the rest is taken care of by the platform. We are the first ones to develop and implement an expert trader’s system, and the platform assumes the role of a gateway, blocking all fraudulent transactions.

Investing via Investy, you can be sure that your money will not be withdrawn, with a guarantee that there will be no chance of fraud from the trader’s side. No one can lose your deposit and it is in maximum security in the Investy environment.

Analyzing cryptofunds and traders markets, we realized that many funds do not provide transparent reporting for their investors, and often their official numbers do not exceed the growth of bitcoin.

Investy is convenient.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to “enter” the crypto-market, or what to do after your Bitcoin purchase, welcome to our platform!

Our platform is decentralized and does not have the problems of the classical investment sector: lack of transparency, or a lack of trust.

We are proud to announce our ITO on November 24, 2017

The revenue created from the Investy platform will be formed from subscription fees for services and commissions.  Token holders will receive reduced commissions: the more Investy tokens are in a wallet, the lower the commission is.

Tokens will be used as subscriptions to platform services. After you no longer need the services, you can sell them on the exchange.

Investors can keep their assets on the exchanges that they trust, including decentralized ones. We will be integrated with all major crypto-exchanges.

On the platform, an investor can choose a trader that matches his expectations according to various parameters: profitability, a size of trader’s commission and of course a stock exchange, where a trader works.

We connect a traders with investors’ accounts, but moreover, the investor can set additional parameters and conditions, such as a stop-loss. For example, if he is afraid of a drawdown of more than 20% of the deposit, he can put a stop-loss, and with such a drawdown, the account will close.

Investy will look after number one – you, our client

The Investy platform provides protection to clients’ funds, because there is no direct transfer of assets, plus increased protection from any type of fraudulent transactions. We really care about the safety of our clients’ funds.

Our first prototype

Shortly, we will have the first prototype. In December, we will add the alpha version of the trading terminal in demo mode. We will then proceed to the serious task of building the trading terminal. We have a full roadmap, which will result in a working prototype with many useful functions, including the subscription function.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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