Coinbase working on adding further tokens to exchange

July 09, 2018
Chris Wheal

Balaji Srinivasan, chief technical officer at crypto exchange Coinbase, said this weekend he hoped to soon reveal details on new tokens the company is to list.

Coinbase to add further digital assets to exchange: Shutterstock

The San Francisco-based exchange co-founded and run by Brian Armstrong, is looking to add support to ethereum classic in the near-term, but Srinivasan said at the weekend’s TechCrunch Blockchain Sessions in Zug, Switzerland, this weekend to “look out for a lot of announcements over the months to come.

Srinivasan: TechCrunch

Making crypto trading more mainstream

He added the exchange’s goal was to widen its offerings to help make cryptocurrency trading become a more mainstream activity.

Rav Singh Sandhu, editor of the Market Mogul, said: “Coinbase’s strategy is underpinned by the ambition to stay compliant and build close relationships with banks and governments.”

The only way to do this, Srinivasan said, was to forge good relationships throughout the industry, which would require great adoption and “noticeable growth”.

He added that the platform would need some technical work to operate more algorithmically to allow easier duplication of processes that would ultimately provide the platform for adding more digital currencies.

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