Cryptocurrency market is expected to grow after U.S. midterm elections

November 09, 2018
Darya Karatkevich

The stability and further growth of cryptocurrency market seems promising after the U.S. midterm elections that returned the majority of democrats in the House. Multiple pro-cryptocurrency and pro-blockchain politicians, such as Jared Polis, Gavin Newsom, and Greg Abbott were voted into the public office.  Each of them openly and actively support blockchain and crypto. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had been even accepting bitcoin donations to fund his campaign!

Blockchain after midterm elections

On the forefront of the innovation is Jared Polis, and he made blockchain a leading part of his campaign. Polis’ goal is simple – “establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation and government.” Founding three startups in the past, Polis is not a “standard” politician and knows the industry from the inside.  You may remember him by one of his bold statements made while he co-chaired the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, taking a stand against the anti-bitcoin politicians by jokingly creating a proposal that aimed “to eradicate the U.S. dollar.” Democrat Jared Polis is now the governor of Colorado, and this is great news for crypto and blockchain community!

Just a few weeks ago, U.S. has already accomplished several major milestones for the digital currency industry, including approving banking license for Coinbase Custody, as well as Bitcoin ATM license in the state of New York. More crypto and blockchain-friendly regulations are coming up in the U.S. shortly, political experts say.

Post written by Darya Karatkevich
Darya is a blockchain market observer with 5+ years of experience as an author and editor for major tech blogging platforms. Her fortes are blockchain technologies and solutions, cryptocurrencies and crypto-related regulations.

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