February OBITS Buyback and Burn Completed. January ICOO Burnt, February ICOO Buyback is in Progress

February 12, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OBITS and ICOO holders,

We are glad to inform you that February OBITS buyback and burn have been successfully completed.

The number of OBITS repurchased during the February buyback: 83,288.0659. All bought-back OBITS were burned.

The number of repurchased OBITS

Burn of OBITS

There are 14,801,450.2165 OBITS available as circulating supply. Almost 3.5 million OBITS removed from the total supply within a 3-year period.

The number of ICOO bought back in January: 9,340.4609. All repurchased ICOO were burned.

Burn of ICOO

Congrats to all holders!

The February ICOO buyback order was placed. You still have some time to participate in it.

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Best regards,
The OpenLedger DEX Team

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