Fujitsu to launch ‘ready-to-go’ blockchain service

July 13, 2018
Chris Wheal

Blockchain innovation

Fujitsu aims to develop a prototype within five days: Shutterstock

Fujitsu is to launch a consultancy service that it claims can deliver a ‘ready-to-go’ minimum viable product in only five days, according to reports.

The Japanese multinational’s plans were outlined this week in tech news website The Register, which reports that prices for the service start at €9,900 and include basic introductory lessons on blockchain technology to assessments of the proposed use case and the building of a prototype by day five.

Following this initial assessment, clients can then decide whether to pay more to have the product further developed or walk away with the prototype.

Customer’s choice

Chris Pilling, lead architect at Fujitsu’s Blockchain Innovation Centre, which opened in March , told the website: “It would be great to say, yes, we’ve met the proof of business and they want to get the global blockchain team involved… [but] we allow the customer to go away and play with the prototype.”

Frederik de Breuck, the centre’s head explained that the ‘proof of business’ approach differs from proof-of-concept, by offering a way for clients to run through a business process that focuses on creating business value and avoids common “pitfalls” encountered in blockchain projects.

The service aims either to provide a fast way for kickstarting new blockchain development or to improve exisiting projects already in development.

“Inspired by high levels of interest from our customers, we have created this ready-to-go package not only to jump-start the customers’ blockchain efforts but also to review and improve existing projects,” said de Breuck. “Available immediately across the EMEIA region, we expect this assessment to have a major impact on unlocking blockchain’s potential for business use cases.”

A portfolio of patents

Fujitsu logo

The group holds nearly 50 patents on blockchain technology: Shutterstock

Fujitsu already holds nearly 50 different patents on blockchain technology, reports Banking Tech. The group has also launched several blockchain-related services in the past year, including systems for data storage and data exchange.

Fujitsu is a founding member of blockchain consortium Hyperledger, and is part of marketing efforts for its Fabric product. Described as a way to speed up the rate of transactions for high-performance use cases, the development is set for completion later this year.

Post written by Chris Wheal
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