Grow your portfolio with the help of traders on the Investy platform

November 17, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

The constant evolution and growth of the crypto-exchange market has created more interest in cryptocurrencies than ever before, and innovative projects involving them. Investy is one of the hottest products on the market and boasts with a unique approach which will massively change the market – and users are getting a chance to highly benefit from it.

Why should crypto investors use this platform? Investy gives new and prospective crypto investors peace of mind with a platform that is safe, reliable and transparent. Through the blockchain, all activities of traders or funds is recorded in the platform, and it’s safe because no one will have a chance to falsify information.

The two founding men behind Investy are Aleksei Pershin and Artem Golovachev, who started developing the platform in April 2017. In their vision, Investy creates a bridge between experienced traders and beginning investors who are just starting to find their way in the world of crypto trading. For both new and established crypto-traders, the process of crypto trading and exchanges is confusing or somewhat difficult, and Investy’s motto summarizes their idea beautifully: investor, trader and platform all profit.

Investy creators Aleksei Pershin and Artem Golovachev strongly believe in the impact their project will have. They explain, “We will solve the problem of distrust in the common services and markets, and we will positively affect professionals in financial management, and people who want to invest their money competently”.

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