ICOO is refocusing to OBITS and Vimple

September 17, 2019

Dear ICOO holders,

OpenLedger ApS and VPLedger, the world’s first DLT framework for financial operations, encourage ICOO holders to exchange ICOO coins to OBITS and then to Vimple voucher.

Starting from the 1st of October, OpenLedger ApS stops buybacks of ICOO coins. To make better use of ICOO, OpenLedger ApS suggests to exchange ICOO to OBITS tokens, which can be converted to Vimple at 50% discount. This is a smart way to convert cryptocurrency into utility using an ‘enterprise first’ permissioned blockchain designed specifically for business integration and with mandatory KYC as a condition of use.
In October 2019, 14,490 unique verified entities, including both businesses and individuals, will gain Early Access to VPLedger: the world’s first DLT framework for financial operations. VPLedger will be a private blockchain network, designed from the ground up for business integration and with mandatory KYC as a condition of use. Once verified, however, users will have absolute freedom to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology – including real-time transactions, smart contracts, stablecoins and decentralized currency exchange.

The global launch of VPLedger will take place in January 2020, to coincide with the new year: the traditional time for new beginnings and positive change.

Early access via OBITS
Starting in October, all OBITS holders will gain access to VPLedger via a dedicated voucher called VIMPLE. From this date anyone can acquire VIMPLE at a 50% discount on the EUR 1,000 retail price, paying just EUR 500 per subscription package in various currencies on different platforms and markets. Pre-orders can be placed at any time, and will be settled on the first day of early access.

From the start of the Global Launch in January 2020, any OBITS used to buy VIMPLE from this time forward will be burned. (Given the decentralised nature of OpenLedger, users can keep their OBITS on the platform if they wish.) OpenLedger will continue to conduct burns of OBITS received for VIMPLE every three months from April 2020, for as long as it is deemed necessary.

Check the VPLedger website for further details of what this software subscription package contains.



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