ICOO Voting Results [Buyback & Burn of ICOO Tokens on the BTC market]

December 03, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear ICOO holders,

Thank you for participating in the November ICOO voting.

Read the detailed ICOO Voting Proposal here.

Voting Results

Check out the results below:

Option 1 is the winner! It received 9,578.4169 ICOO.VOTING tokens from your accounts.

What’s Next

Option 1 in a nutshell:

  • Starting December 2018, at the beginning of every month we will calculate 2% of the ICOO token market cap in BTC, as we did previously.
  • During the first week of a month, we will place an ICOO Buyback order to ICOO/BTC market for the whole amount of BTC.
  • All repurchased tokens will be burned after the buyback.

All further details can be found on the official ICOO website.

Thanks for expressing your opinion!

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Best regards,
The OpenLedger Team

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