November 26, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

Due to technical problems, the start date of the Token Sale to November 30, 2017, 12:00 GMT. The IVC token order form did not work properly, especially with Apple devices, and this will be solved shortly.

There is good news, too, as the Investy team will take part in four important crypto events, and taking part in these events will allow us to conduct the best ITO!

We will be participating in:
ICO event Amsterdam

Block Show Asia 2017

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

Investy is the world’s first decentralized investments platform, created to unite experienced traders and novice investors together, in one platform.

Alex Pershing, CEO of Investy, said, “We know that things did not go as planned with our scheduled launch, but we are now concentrating on the new launch which will be on 30th November, at Block Show Asia. We remain very positive.”

Artem Golovachev, CTO, says “Investy’s Alpha Version of the trading terminal has had over 3000 downloads and now we are proceeding with the serious task of building the trading terminal – there is no stopping our progress. We have a full roadmap, which will result in a working prototype with many useful functions, including the subscription function. We are doing well with our timelines.”

Pershing continued, “With Investy, we provide you, the investor, with a marketplace where you can choose a trader or a fund and know that your money is safely invested, and the results are authentic. Most importantly, investing via the Investy platform is safe.”

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