Larimer proposes changes to Eos network constitution

June 28, 2018
Chris Wheal

Daniel Larimer, founder and architect of the Eos network protocol, said on Wednesday night he would like to change the way the system’s blockchain is governed, saying the existing constitution is “unwise”.

Dan Larimer

Dan Larimer, co-founder of Block.One and the Eos network

Communicating on the EOSIO Gov Telegram group, Larimer criticised the arbitration body of the block producers – the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) – which is responsible for overseeing and making decisions on Eos account holders.

Block producers have too much control

Earlier in June the block producers froze the accounts of seven users without receiving an order from ECAF, which is in violation of the Eos constitution.

Following the controversy Larimer appeared to have had a rethink about letting block producers have ultimate control over the Eos network.

He said on Thursday: “I have learned a lot about human nature by watching the disputes, the witch hunts, the ‘bring everything before the ECAF [EOS Core Arbitration Forum]’ mindset.”

New proposals

He went on to explain that forcing users to submit to such a system would only lead to further trouble and mistrust of what is supposed to be a decentralised platform.

He added: “An arbitrator should not ever have the power to take assets unless said assets were previously placed in control of the arbitrator.

“I don’t agree with placing all assets under the control of producers. I want to eliminate fraud at all levels, including the governance layer.”

Larimer suggested a better way of dealing with arbitration issues would be to simply correct the intentions of smart contract codes. He further proposed that while third party arbitration can be sought by the user, it wouldn’t happen by default.

He said: “An arbitrator can render an opinion, and the parties can either comply or not and the arbitrator can indicate whether a party is in good standing.”

Fake ECAF order

Further confusion was heaped on the ECAF system of arbitration when, last weekend, Eos block producers were told to freeze the accounts of 27 users after receiving an emergency order from ECAF that turned out to be fake.

A later statement claimed the order had been made by scammers intending to “heap further controversy on the EOSIO network”.

Fake ECAF order: Eos

Post written by Chris Wheal
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