Latest OpenLedger UX/UI Update

February 02, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

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Dear OpenLedger/Bitshares users,

Today we performed an important OpenLedger update in terms of user interface and usability features. We added these changes using our immense experience and your numerous comments about OpenLedger and Bitshares interface.

Due to the large amount of questions about modes, Simple Mode has been removed and will never be accessible again. However, a considerable amount of changes were made to the Account Page – it is completely renovated, simpler and more intuituv (so now you don’t need Simple Mode at all).

All gateways can be seen on one page.

We are thinking about your comfort, so we also added pop-ups with short info for turned off gateways.

Working with assets has become much simpler and quicker: now you can filter assets with non-0 balances, you can search asset by name, you can add asset to favourites, we added more colours for more comfortable displaying of assets table. Sorting troubles in assets table are fixed.

For quicker transactions we unified and updated all pop-up windows for deposits and withdrawals.

If you have any thoughts or complaints we kindly ask you to leave them on our official blog in comments to this news article. Your opinion means a lot to us.

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