Luxoft teams up with R3 to build identity management apps

June 26, 2018
Richard Reed

IT service provider Luxoft has teamed up with financial services software firm R3 to build identity management apps on its blockchain platform.

Luxoft will use R3’s Corda technology to allow businesses to create applications using verifiable claims technology enabled by Hyperledger Indy – an opensource technology for blockchain identity management.

The Corda platform combines the privacy and confidentiality of business transactions with the ability to re-use data within the network.

Luxoft says it has already built a proof-of-concept app that combines Corda and Hyperledger Indy to demonstrate how the technology will work in producing and distributing personalised medicines to patients. The company says the system allows patients to own their own data.

“We believe the combination of Corda, the blockchain for business, and HL Indy, for decentralised identity is a powerful platform for addressing real world, enterprise requirements,” said Vasiliy Suvorov, chief technology officer at Luxoft.

“It will help make systems more practical, scalable and flexible, naturally supporting smart contract mechanisms that already exist in Corda.”

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