Mystery Bitcoin developer Nakamoto pens literary work

July 02, 2018
Chris Wheal

A mystery wrapped in an enigma may not be the title of a new work penned by the nom de guerre, Satoshi Nakamoto, the person(s) said to have developed Bitcoin, but an excerpt of a story published by someone claiming to be Nakamoto said it answered a number of frequently asked questions.

The author claimed it “wanted the facts to be known”. However, already at the start, it only seems to pose more questions.

Individual claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto releases excerpt to literary work Source:

The announcement on the Nakamoto Family Foundation blog described the excerpt as “a literary work consisting of two parts”. The authors say they want to offer a brief glimpse of history and to make the excerpt (if not the whole book) freely available to everyone. They write: “There’s no guarantee the book will ever come to be, unless it becomes necessary and people want to know about me personally.”

A short story, which was released on the site, claimed it would answer some of the most brought up questions and would expose the people and the facts, or at least some it, since the more juicy bits will be saved for a yet-to-be published book. The possible and mystery Satoshi provides links to the book and notes in parenthetical comment “if it comes to frution (sic)” with updates to be presented over the month.

There is a teaser to the teaser for anyone liking cryptograms to solve a puzzle, which apparently even a toddler can do, involves converting letters to numbers and the title is revealed at the end.

The beginning

The chapter title Duality: An Excerpt, begins:  “It was inevitable. ‘The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.’ I think the question that is most often brought up about bitcoin, is why. Why was it created at all? And the answer, as plainly visible as anyone could see, I embedded in the coinbase of the first genesis block.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, if indeed it is he, explains his nom de plume is “not a real name,” but rather “primarily the essence of thoughts and reason. I wanted the most common name, and I knew no one outside of Japan had any recollection that Satoshi Nakamoto, was the equivalent of “John Smith.”

It has yet to be verified if the author is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, but the 21-page “short story” touches on youth, clues, the beginning of blockchain and why bitcoin became a success. However, it is said truth is stranger than fiction. Dr Craig Wright, the Australian academic tweeted in response

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