New RMB Remittance Service is Supported on OpenLedger DEX for Alipay users

January 26, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Great news: we connected RMBpay service, which provides the option for deposit/withdrawal of CNY currency. This service could be used by any user who owns yuan funds and is interested in depositing and trading on the OpenLedger and Bitshares DEX.

All Alipay users can transfer their funds in CNY to the OpenLedger / Bitshares DEX and receive RMBPAY tokens using the RMBpay service. Furthermore, they can use an inverse procedure and withdraw their RMBPAY tokens from the DEX and receive yuans on their Alipay account. Thus users will be able to join the great crypto community and start trading.

How does the RMBpay Service work?

Any user logged on to the Openledger/Bitshares DEX has an opportunity to deposit and withdraw CNY by using the deposit/withdraw page then selecting RMBpay at “Transfer services” drop-down menu. The user should then choose the necessary option (deposit/withdraw).

What is OpenLedger?

In 2014, the first service to be offered by OpenLedger was the DEX ( The OpenLedger DEX is a powerful trading platform, which has been designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees.

At the time of writing, OpenLedger’s cryptocurrency exchange is placed amongst the top 60 most important Bitcoin exchanges in terms of 24-hour trading volume.


However, OpenLedger is more than just an exchange. It’s a collection of ecosystems. OpenLedger can be compared to a galaxy. Each service is in itself an ecosystem – a solar system in this galaxy called the OpenLedger DC. OpenLedger DEX, the cryptocurrency exchange, is placed at the center of this galaxy as the focal point the OpenLedger ecosystems revolve around. The OpenLedger “galaxy of ecosystems” includes the advertising-site HubDSP, the OpenLedger native token, OBITS, and the crowdfunding system known as ICOO. Together, these services form a part of the decentralized conglomerate. The entire ecosystem of OpenLedger DC is based on the BitShares platform and is powered by the Graphene software technology. Overall, the OpenLedger DC is The Ecosystem of all ecosystems and includes reward-based tokens, equity-based investments, and individual ecosystems.


The OpenLedger DC currently supports multiple digital tokens, including OBITS, BTSR, and ICOO.  It also supports multiple startups that are hosted on the different ecosystems, benefitting from OpenLedger’s crowdfunding services, in the form of ICOs/ITOs. Amongst these startups are GetGame, Ocash, Sola, KARMA, Apptrade, Crypviser, and many others.

Currently, OpenLedger is in the last phases of developing the OpenLedger’s All in one payments card. We are looking forward to the day that OpenLedger stand out not only in volume of transactions, but with the many exciting projects we expect to be launching in the first half of 2018. We strive to create a mainstream user base, and bring more startups and businesses into the ecosystem through the OpenLedger crowdfunding solutions. Each new business getting funded through an ICO/ITO will have their tokens made available on the DEX, which will strengthen the overall ecosystem, creating synergy between all the projects, ultimately ensuring further growth for all.

At OpenLedger we build to scale, combining

blockchain technology with people skills.

We are building a blockchain powered ecosystem integrated with a financial trading platform that is built to scale. This will serve as the foundation for boosting the development of products and services for the mainstream consumer, creating the possibility to scale by enabling global implementation.

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