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September 08, 2017
OpenLedger DEX


BTSR holders had a buyback on September 3, 2017, of 20.000 BitShares (BTS) from the BTS-BitTeaser account which were used to buy back OBITS and drop on BTSR holders. Furthermore, over 9000 BTS from the ICOO and other accounts were used during this buyback and drop.

From this date, the buyback and burn on the four usual currencies of BTC, ETH, BTS and USD will be replaced with the buyback of OBITS from the bitUSD market, and then rewarded to all BTSR holders. OBITS holders benefit from all OpenLedger projects within the ecosystem, including,, Apptrade, OCASH and ICOO.
Revenue from BTSR and HubDSP will be is based on the Stablecoin BitUSD and used in the buyback and rewards on BTSR holders.

The BTSR asset was created to allow token holders to enjoy revenue related to traffic and activity when it comes to advertising blockchain and cryptocurrency related activities on OpenLedger’s Automated Advertising Platform, HubDSP.
Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, explained, “The Real Time Bidding (RTB) software which runs the HubDSP platform was acquired for a six figure USD amount as we immediately saw the potential, and it will increasingly generate significant revenue. ICOs/ITOs with a need to generate awareness and exposure are now using HubDSP at a rate which is exceeding our financial projections, and creating the conversion and ROI which is exceeding our customers’ expectations. We can confirm that contracts worth a significant amount have been signed for HubDSP, and BTSR token holders will all benefit from the profits achieved.”
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