Official Statement on the Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork

October 20, 2017
OpenLedger DEX


The October 25 Bitcoin Hard Fork will be handled in much the same way as August’s Hard Fork, which resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

During the event of a Bitcoin Hard Fork on October 25, 2017, or soon thereafter, OpenLedger will not support the coin associated with the Bitcoin Gold offer, due to security reasons and company policy. OpenLedger users who wish to take part in the split and support Bitcoin Gold will need to withdraw Bitcoins on their own wallets, where they have access to their own private key before 11:00 pm GMT October 24, 2017. If you do not wish to access Bitcoin Gold then no action is required.

Trading of the decentralized asset OPEN.BTC will remain unaffected throughout the hard fork. OpenLedger shall not be held liable for any consequences from our decision, from neither a financial, operational nor regulatory standpoint.

OpenLedger’s sole focus is on you and your best interests, and we are watching this situation carefully. For more information and updates, please stay tuned via our newsletters, social media pages and websites, and

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