Online gaming players can now earn cryptocurrency via Refereum

January 11, 2019
Mikita Cherkasau

League of Legends (LoL), the multi-online battle area (MOBA), and Refereum, an Ethereum reward system, have partnered up. As a result of this collaboration, their users can now earn cryptocurrency by playing LoL, winning battles and completing matches.

Refereum and LoL’s partnership is the first time where users can make Refereum tokens ($RFR) on a system that doesn’t use blockchain. Questers (Refereum users) have already been earning cryptocurrency since 2017 for watching, streaming and sharing games on the Refereum website.

LoL has roughly 65 million monthly users, and Referum has roughly 1 million questers. Currently, one USD is equivalent to 423.5 $RFR.

To earn and receive $RFR, the players have to complete the gaming season. The amount of $RFR earned is based on how often the player uses LoL, and the amount of points the player earns during the season. After the season is over, players receive their $RFR, and can choose how to spend it. Players are able to spend their $RFR in the online store via Refereum or exchange their $RFR for USD or other cryptocurrencies by using crypto exchanges.

Incorporating cryptocurrencies into a gaming world has proven itself as a reliable path to a more mainstream adoption, with  $RFR becoming another addition to the list of cryptocurrencies and tokens used in the gaming world. Check out more of our coverage on the gaming cryptocurrencies here.

Post written by Mikita Cherkasau
Mikita is a professional writer and editor focused on the news, analysis, and insights in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces.

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