September 12, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

OPEN.MUSEOL - OpenLedger for MUSE-ownersOpenLedger has sent NEW MUSE to all MUSE holders in a 1-100 swap

OpenLedger has sent NEW MUSE to all MUSE holders

Every MUSE owner received OPEN.MUSEOL from the OPEN.MUSEOL distribution account in a 1:100 swap (100 OPEN.MUSE = 1 OPEN.MUSEOL).

You can now freely trade and deposit/withdraw your MUSE on the OpenLedger Exchange – The OpenLedger DEX!
Please check your wallets, and Happy Trading!

Trading MUSE on OpenLedger
The new asset name is OPEN.MUSEOL and trades here:

The OpenLedger Team.

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