Opened deposits and withdrawals for NXC, MKR, DGD on new gateways. OpenLedger Update

October 12, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

All this week OpenLedger Team was working hard on new features and bug-fixes. And now we are happy to announce that plenty of improvements were done:

  • News bar is minimizing after clicking by mouse button anywhere around bar.
  • Date format in settle orders section has been changed. Now dates are absolute.

After all comments and remarks from our community we improved “My Market” section.

Here is the list of all changes:
Sorting by price has been added.
Sorting by favorites has been added .
Sorting indicators have been added.

Also now “Send” button at account page is visible only if you are viewing someone’s else account.

We also changed the procedure of Backup file names creating. Now your account name is in name of your bin file, we hope that change will help users in future to find their backup file easily.

The list of bug fixes:
Fixed issue with overlapping buttons in menu in small screen resolutions
Fixed cosmetics bugs at exchange page
Fixed issue when user needs to reload the page during the first entering to basic mode
Fixed technical issues in basic mode
Fixed other technical issues


And one more important issue: new gateways are available for the tokens MKR, DGD and NXC.

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