OpenLedger DC Presenting At Consensus 2017 a Strategic Partnership – China Here We Come!

May 16, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger on the move, more than 51K bitUSD sold in OBITS warrants, only 50K bitUSD worth of warrants left on the bitUSD_OBITS.WARRANT market As immediate result 51000 bitUSD now reserved for OBITS buyback june 2nd as 500k OBITS warrants have been sold.

Today was a great day in crypto land for the OpenLedger supporters, as we saw the early signs of interest for the OBITS warrants about to be released as freebies in connection with four projects to launch throughout the rest of 2017 including an ITO to go with each of them and an accompanying sharedrop of the respective tokens to all OBITS holders. Date of snapshot will be announced as the dates of the ITO’s will be released in early June on all four.

The projects eDEV, GetGame, OCASH and Apptrade have been funded sufficiently to start development early June, however, still allowing early bird investors a chance to join on the respective websites or directly supporting the project sending their funds to the account on OpenLedger DEX or other BItShares wallets by the name of: ico.openledger with the memo mentioning the name of project to be funded.

What is unique in this is that all four projects include a free warrant for OBITS per every USD spent in funding up to 1 million on each project. Already 150 000 per each project is secured via a strategic partnership to be announced at Consensus 2017, and OBITS is on top to be very much in focus in China with one exchange joining next few weeks and another witin next 6 weeks and most probably more to come as we have see another two in the pipeline interested but not yet confirmed. A description of what OBITS.WARRANT is all about can be found here:

What a great day today! Exciting 3 of 10 digital assets on the DEX are Danish OpenLedger own cryptocurrencies and only confirms that a lot of stuff is cooking and ready to blow. Consensus 2017 here we come, don’t wait up it might get ugly!

Excited it is, and it wont get less in coming days, as we move closer to Consensus2017 where we have a booth and will announce a strategic partnership allowing us to get a nice footprint on the other side of the world with a window to millions, maybe even billions of potential clients and users.

It’s OpenLedger, it’s Danish and its using its digital assets OBITS, ICOO and BTSR as fuel for its decentralized ecosystems to scale in a way only future will tell. Welcome to the blockchain powered by BitShares network and the OpenLedger DC.

The official cryptocurrency and digital tokens of OpenLedger are named OBITS and is not an investment, it is so much more!

Danish OpenLedger with its gateway to crowdfunding 3.0 solutions using the advanced technology of BitShares as its foundation of activities with all its great USP’s

Major differences between a project like Waves funded via an ICO not yet fully completed with more than 36 million USD and the BitShares platform established oct 2015 funded through early mining and used as the platform of OpenLedger and its many crowdfunding solutions.

On OpenLedger digital asset exchange one of the major values are BitShares short selling BitUSD The #tech is one of a kind and not deployed by anyone else worldwide and is the only stablecoin to date allowing a real time feed supported by witnesses of its blockchain to ensure at all times the price is pegged to the value of the dollar. Same goes as principle for any other mainstream currency like EUR, Gold, Silver etc. Check out this exchange yourself at cryptocurrency blockchain


OpenLedger are Presenting at:

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Prague, May 19

Consensus, New York, May 22-24

…and more to come!

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