OpenLedger DEX Opens New Gateway for KRM (KARMA) Token

November 23, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange introduces a new gateway for the KRM token (Karma)

Karma is a globally decentralized, peer to peer (P2P) blockchain-platform for creating social and economic interactions between people all over the world.
Karma fixes the issues with traditional banking – high interest rates and limited access – by utilizing P2P model.

•    The Karma project uses an approach that’s new in the financial sector by creating an open community which is establishing social and economic relations with existing financial institutions, cooperative and P2P lending platforms, giving them a chance to become a part of this ecosystem.
•    Karma is developing a cross-border capital exchange, increasing the liquidity of resources all over the world and the adjustment of interest rates.
•    Creating a foundation of networked communities where groups of people accumulate competencies in scoring, insurance, portfolio management and other financial services. Every member of the community values their reputation, so they do their best work in every transaction.
•    Establishing an open market to access funding. Using the decentralized ecosystem on Karma, users can determine interest rates, collateral volumes, return dates and types of assets used as collateral or credit for various types of transactions.

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