OpenLedger DEX Opens New Gateway for SKY Token and new UI features

December 04, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

1512406441OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange introduces a new gateway for the SKY token (Skycoin)

Skycoin is a third generation cryptocurrency with the goal of implementing Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision with the blockchain and to fix the problems with Bitcoin.

The biggest problem that Skycoin solves is the centralization of the Bitcoin blockchain due to large mining pools which control the majority of the mining. Skycoin has created a new consensus protocol called Obelisk, which eliminates mining and other alternatives like PoS. The Obelisk consensus algorithm uses a web-of-trust mechanism to secure the network – each node in the network has a small list of trusted peers with whom blocks are shared and then validated or rejected. This creates a truly decentralized system.

*Note that Skycoins can only be sent/withdrawn in integer amounts, so if you have 55.23 SKY then you can send 55 SKY*

In addition:

  • We redesigned the account page
  • Added fields with commissions displayed on the exchange page
  • Fixed issues with registration accounts with a wallet model
  • Added the minimum amounts for withdrawal
  • Fixed UI issues with funds in withdrawal forms
  • Fixed some technical issues.

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