OpenLedger DEX Opens New Gateways for XDRAC and ESC tokens

December 26, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange introduces a new gateways.

Escroco it is an Escrow and insurance service that aim to connect investors with borrowers in a way that lower the risk and maximize the profit and that is through building a system that eliminate the common problem that often take place between investors and borrowers. Escroco token (ESC) developed on a basis of Waves platform.

How Escroco work in short?

When someone wants to offer an investment opportunity with us we verify their identity and we freeze some of their token (quantity will be agreed on in negotiation) and then we assign safety fund equal to that of the token that was frozen If the investment opportunity deliver the terms and the interest that is just business as usual however if they do not deliver for any reason we terminate that package investment and liquidate the freeze and the safety fund and distribute to the investors that have lost some or all of their capital

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Drac (XDRAC) aims to break the boundaries of convention. A digital token perfectly designed to seek stability and correct the volatility that drives the general public away.

Continuous cyber-attacks on large cryptocurrency storing and trading platforms, have become an increasing threat to the economic system. Consequently this has exposed a critical vulnerability, presenting a problem that has yet to be concluded with a viable solution.

Imagine a platform that’s characterised with the unique capability of complete prevention against all attempts of breach; in addition, offering a currency that cannot be subtracted.

Drac strives to break the boundaries of convention, aiming to revolutionise the general perception of digital currencies. What it offers, is a digital token that’s perfectly designed to seek stability, consequently correcting doubts of volatility that typically stimulate speculation within the general population.

Instant money transfer at a national and international level. No need of POS and transactions commissions free (possibility to receive micropayments).

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