OpenLedger DEX to Carry Out MUSEOL Token Swap

August 08, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger DEX users,

On August 9, 2018, we will swap MUSEOL tokens to XSD tokens with a 1:1 exchange rate. This swap is part of the project’s rebranding strategy which involves the token name change.  

To ensure that your MUSEOL tokens participate in the swap process, please cancel all MUSEOL orders before the above-mentioned date.

Holders of MUSEOL tokens who won’t cancel their orders will also be able to exchange their MUSEOL assets into XSD after August 9, 2018 at the same rate. We will create an order to enable that.

The MUSEOL tokens will be burnt after that. Note: starting August 9, 2018 we won’t support MUSEOL tokens anymore. MUSEOL gateways will be closed on our decentralized trading platform and we won’t re-open them. It means that OpenLedger DEX users won’t be able to deposit and withdraw their MUSEOL assets.  

XSD gateways will be opened after the swap to enable XSD depositing and withdrawing procedures.

More details about the project can be found at

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Best regards,
The OpenLedger DEX Team

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