OpenLedger DEX Update: Support Ticket Resolution Time

June 08, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger DEX users,

As you know, many OpenLedger DEX accounts were affected by the recent issue. Security measures taken to ensure higher security of our trading platform and your accounts may result in longer withdrawal times as we manually carry out some withdrawals.

Our support team is working hard on resolving all the issue-related tickets. Please note that processing of your tickets may take more time than usual due to a large number of tickets.

If you have already submitted a ticket, be patient and wait for a reply. There’s no need to create a new one or remind us about your issue in the chat. We do our best to resolve all the tickets as soon as possible.

Please be reminded that if your account was hacked or you suspect that it’s insecure, you must take these steps:

  1. Submit a ticket at and describe the issue.
  2. Create a new account at,, or and transfer all your funds to it.

Thanks for the understanding!

The OpenLedger DEX Team

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