OpenLedger Trading Platform News: New Official Account for Deposits/Withdrawals

July 21, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger and Bitshares users!

In case you are using OpenLedger gateway, please pay attention to this message!

For now, OpenLedger uses two different accounts:
openledger-wallet – this one is used for the most number of currencies.

openledger-dex – this one is used for all new currencies including GOLOS, GBG, PPY, ETP, and also for STEEM and SBD (please note this important shift).

PLEASE DO NOT USE etp-wallet anymore. It was temporarily created for Metaverse withdrawals, but for now, it is disabled and will not be used.

Actually, you will not have any problems if you are using Withdraw/Deposit page, all changes are reflected there already.

All «lost» transactions sent to etp-wallet will be returned in operational order.

Have a nice trading!

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