OpenLedger has exceeded the 50,000 signed-ups users milestone

June 19, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger has exceeded the 50,000 signed-ups users milestone (in fact, already 52,518 and we have been growing by 500 to 750 users per day, for the last two weeks), where OpenLedger will drop QORA GOLD on all OBITS holders holding a minimum of 50 OBITS, and anyone holding a minimum of 1000 QBITS tokens.

Furthermore, we will not drop the equivalent to 50 million QORA (50 000 QORA Gold as mentioned! Instead, we will drop DOUBLE – 100 000 QORA Gold (real value in externalwallet is 100 Million) to celebrate the constant growth of the world’s first, fully functional, financial trading platform, OpenLedger DEX –  the BItShares MIT Tech Based, one of a kind,  fin-tech platform.

The sharedrop will take place sometime between June 19th and June 25th as part of the countdown until the end of the OBITS AUCTION, in which we are offering an option to buy into the remaining supply of 975,000 OBITS WARRANTS to be redeemed anytime in 2017 for a mere $0.16 USD per WARRANT.

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