Vote for OpenLedger’s BitShares Worker Proposal: Open-Source Mobile Wallet Development

November 28, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear BitShares Community,

Having been in the blockchain development space since 2014, we have worked on different products. We believe that BitShares is one of the greatest blockchains and decentralized exchanges powered by it are the future of crypto trading.

The launching of mobile apps on top of BitShares seems to be the next natural step.

Why Does BitShares Need a Mobile App?

Mobile apps will facilitate the use of BitShares-powered trading platforms on mobile devices, making it possible to trade crypto assets anytime and anywhere. They will also promote and encourage the user adoption of BitShares.

OpenLedger’s BitShares Worker Proposal

Development of a mobile app with its source code freely available to anyone on GitHub. Being cross-platform, the app will run on iOS and Android devices. We have already developed such an app for OpenLedger DEX and published it on iTunes and Google Play. Feel free to try it right now.

Phase 1 (6 weeks)

A fully operational mobile app with multi-language support (English, Chinese, and Russian versions are available out-of-the-box). It will have the following functionality:

→ Sign-in Process:

  • Two user login models: Wallet and Account;
  • PIN or fingerprint authentication;
  • Easy synchronization with an existing BitShares account by scanning a QR code.

→ User Account Screen:

  • User’s assets list;
  • Balance per asset;
  • Total account value in the base currency (can be changed in the Settings);
  • Assets search;
  • Show/Hide assets with zero balance.

→ Available Operations:

  • Send;
  • Deposit;
  • Withdraw.

→ Open Orders;

→ History of transactions;

→ Settings to tailor the app according to users’ preferences and ensure a great user experience.

Phase 2 (5 months)

New features will be added:

  • Trade/exchange;
  • Multiple account support;
  • Favorites (accounts and assets);
  • Order placement;
  • Open Orders filtering;
  • Market;
  • Collateral settlement (margin position, settle asset, margin ranking);
  • Dynamic auto-complete search;
  • Push Notifications.

The full worker proposal can be found in here.

Why Vote for OpenLedger?

  • A proven track record of developing blockchain solutions, including BitShares-based products;
  • A fully operational open-source mobile app for iOS and Android with a free and open source code in just 6 weeks;
  • All features described in the OpenLedger’s Worker Proposal will be available in 6 months;
  • There’s our own BitShares-powered mobile app in place. It is already approved by iTunes and  Google Play. The proposed app will have the same functionality after Phase 1.

Vote for us today: openledger_mobile_apps_ph1 and openledger_mobile_apps_ph2!

Get an open-source mobile app faster than you could imagine!

Download our app now to experience how the new BitShares mobile wallet will look like!

Best regards,
The OpenLedger Team

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