OpenLedger Open the Crypto Markets of 2018 with 400000 USD to Stake Holders

January 04, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

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With a 3x increase and more than 400 000 USD equivalent being distributed today either passively or via a drop on all accounts holding the OBITS, ICOO or BTSR tokens whether in bitUSD, BTC or OBITS, OpenLedger continues to show growth on all its products.

Today was the first distribution of the year for OpenLedger and all its supporters. The below mentioned image describes the distribution related to all accounts holding OBITS.

Anyone holding ICOO, representing the ICO’s of OpenLedger and a monthly drop of BTC on all accounts holding ICOO was the equivalent of some 88000 USD or some 5,88 BTC.

Anyone holding BTSR related to our programmatic advertising platform for now focusing on all crypto related projects called is having some 5926 OBITS dropped on their accounts proportionally equivalent to some 13 000 USD.

It will be exiting to see what this year will offer as increase since some very promising projects are about to roll out over the next 6 months.


Go follow our twitter handle @openledgerdc as well for instant  updates and help us get the message out to the world, we are too busy building still to focus in full on the social media networking.

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