OpenLedger Partners with genEOS to Offer Blockchain 4.0 for Enterprise

July 11, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger DEX users,

We are happy to inform you that OpenLedger has joined genEOS, a blockchain 4.0 project, as an advisory partner. OpenLedger ApS will be sharing with the genEOS team its extensive expertise in developing blockchain-based solutions such as OpenLedger DEX and carrying out successful ICOs.

The genEOS project aims to create a powerful, fast and secure business and technology ecosystem that enables blockchain adoption for its members. Leveraging an operating system-like environment, project participants will be able to create and launch business-critical decentralized applications (Dapps) of the enterprise-grade performance and use the platform’s computational and storage capacity for running them as well as delegate unconsumed bandwidth to others and get paid for that.

There are strong dev and technical teams ready to create and Dapps on demand, maintain the ecosystem, and help businesses with project planning, design, and implementation.

genEOS Tokens, Crowdsale, and Other Partners

Book a share in this blockchain platform for business Dapps by participating in the crowsale that has already started and will end on December 23, 2018. Buy genEOS tokens on the official website of the project with Ethereum (ETH) or fiat currencies (USD, EUR, or CNY) during the Secured Token Offering (STO) which is carried by NextGenOne llc, is a non-profit organization registered in the United States of America.

Aetsoft will provide technical support to the project by bringing its considerable experience of delivering custom blockchains and business outcome-driven solutions on the top of Ethereum, Graphene, and EOS blockchains to its customers.

More details about genEOS

genEOS website

genEOS White Paper

genEOS Telegram Channel


Best regards,
The OpenLedger DEX Team

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