OpenLedger Proposal: BitShares User Security Project

July 24, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger Proposal: BitShares User Security Project

Hi to everyone in the BitShares community!

Security, real decentralization, and anonymity are the complex yet extremely vital topics of the crypto world. Apart from encouraging the security proposals and projects connected with the BitShares trading platform, we’re stepping forward with our own project.

BitShares User Security Project

Yury of OpenLedgerThe idea of the proposal was born deep inside the team process of improving the BitShares security landscape.

After the recent phishing attack, we’ve spent a lot of time investigating the possibilities of eliminating the future attacks risk or making their consequences less dramatic for users.

Now it’s clear that the certain changes and new features must be implemented to improve the security of BitShares users. OpenLedger R&D department has enough expertise for performing the technical investigation and building specifications needed to deliver the security changes.

Yury Cherniawsky

OpenLedger VP of Business Development

The OL team proposes to research and create a trusted open-source application to configure users’ account security and manage their private keys. The current proposal includes the research and analysis stage which is estimated to take a 2 months period.

Please feel free to read the details about the estimation, resources and other details of the proposal here.

Your feedback is important

OpenLedger team will appreciate any support of this project: your votes and spreading the word about the proposal make this project closer to its implementation.

What is more, we very much encourage the discussion and welcome any suggestions about the proposal to make sure this project is maximally helpful for the BitShares community. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the BitShares forum topic.

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Best regards,

OpenLedger Team

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