OpenLedger Propose Bitshares 3.0 Blockchain

October 23, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

Dear Community Members,

Over the past two years, OpenLedger have played an important role in the development and establishment of the BitShares blockchain. Our high-qualified team of developers have been involved in dozens of third-party projects, acting as consultants and direct executors, continuously interacting with the community, developers, and traders to develop their products on the BitShares ecosystem.

Believing in the limitless possibilities of BitShares technology, it is OpenLedger’s vision to build projects for all uses, and truly develop ‘Blockchain as a Service’ (BaaS).

With a varied and rich experience in development using Graphene technology, as well as unmatched experience in working with Bitcoin, Ethereum, NXT, Omni, Waves blockchains, the key goal for the OpenLedger team will be to research ongoing cryptocurrency technological trends, as well as create new features, with subsequent implementation into the BitShares blockchain.

OpenLedger sincerely believe that BitShares is significantly underrated, from both economic and technological points of view in comparison to other crypto-platforms.

The strategic goal of OpenLedger is to create such a platform which will outpace the competition and allow for the creation of a truly decentralized and trusted digital economy. To achieve these goals, we would like to rely not only on our own views and ideas, but also on yours – the community opinion – and we invite you to like to take part and join us in this next stage of Bitshares’ evolution.

For the first stage of our mission, we wish for the community to vote for one, or more, of the following proposed ideas:

1) Implementing a virtual machine (like Ethereum’s’ Virtual Machine) into Graphene.

Once created, it will allow each user to produce smart contracts that work with assets and Smartcoins. The mechanisms of ICOs, trusted systems for the payments of dividends, and hosting various games/shares/lotteries, are examples of possible, future business cases.

By combining the strengths of the two platforms (the flexibility of ETH Smartcontracts and the speed/throughput of BitShares), they will get the symbiosis of the advantages and eliminate the weaknesses of these two platforms.

2) Implementation of the Atomic Swap mechanism.

Such a mechanism will allow the exchange of funds from one blockchain (Bitshares) to another (bitcoin, as the first), without any participation from third parties. In this case, BTS, MPA (bitUSD), and UIA can be used as bitshares funds.

Given the fact that there is only one real decentralized exchange, the ability to enter it from other blockchains, without any risks (technical and regulatory), and the participation of third parties (gateways), creates huge economic potential for the platform and the cryptocurrency economy.

3) Creation of Fee Backed Asset.

The idea of creating the FBA was proposed back in 2015, but was never implemented.


In addition to implementing the mechanisms for automatic dividends distribution, it is proposed to discuss additional options for managing fees (the ability to impose payments on the issuer, change the fee rules for creating/closing the order, so that the person who closed the order pays 100% of the fees or 50/50).

We are hungry for constructive dialogue and invite all of you in the community to join us in this quest.

Our menu of ideas may not be complete and if a community member puts forward an idea proposing the implementation of an unlisted, and vital development, we will add this item to the list (your vote can be changed throughout the voting process).

Phase two will include counting the votes and reporting the results.

The results will be summed up either on November 9 (in the case of clear and straight voting), or on November 30 (if there will be active discussions or disputes). Whatever the positive outcome, we will prepare a detailed roadmap, which will outline the steps, deadlines, project participants, and financial calculations, which will in turn be presented to the community.

The third stage will be a full deployment on the test network and the environment, with the testing process performed by the team and any interested parties within the community.

Following this, we will start the integration into working nodes. If the changes are significant, we will perform the hard fork, provided that all witnesses agree.

At OpenLedger we believe that true progress and mass adoption of blockchain technology will only come from working together. Collaboration is the new tool for global progress and it should be encouraged at every level, so please join us as we explore the future of the BitShares blockchain.

The OpenLedger Development Teams behind this project are:

Key Management Team:

Ivan – The Initiator and Supervisor of this project, Ivan is deeply involved in strategic planning, research and communications. He has led the OpenLedger development from the first moments of its existence.


Mikhail – As the Head of Project, Michael is an experienced Release and Project Manager. Before crypto, he was the head of the management department in Wargaming Inc. (World of Tanks/Warships/Planes creator).


Key development team:

Alex – The Guardian of Project Servers, Alex is an experienced DevOps and Engineer, controlling more than 20 servers the world over. He has built a unique network of pools with gateways, nodes and wallets, and manages security, resistance and stability of server infrastructures.

Antony – The Team Lead of Project Development, Anthony is a professional Engineer, with 12 years of programming experience (C++, Python, Ruby, JS), dozens of executed projects (four of them during the previous year in the blockchain industry) and limitless enthusiasm. Antony coordinates the work of dev groups in different directions (core, gateway, etc.).

The list of connected developers will be formed closer to the beginning of the approved project.



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