OpenLedger UI/UX Update and Fixes

February 19, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

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Dear OpenLedger/Bitshares Community,

This week we’ve slightly updated OpenLedger’s interface and done several useful fixes.

Current updates include following changes:

The top menu is upgraded. Now every user can easily change linked currency by clicking on “Balances” button.
We’ve removed language settings to give more free space, now you can change interface language from the Settings section.

We’ve also fixed an issue with incorrect menu display when changing the window size.

Some changes were added to the Exchange section:
– Now it is possible to sort assets by price in the My Markets section
– Small values in the ordering section are now shown in a decimal fractional format without the display using the exponent.

Account page has been updated:
– Now you can search for an asset without taking into account the effect of active filters.
– You can sort assets by their amount
– We added indicators for sorting by columns.
– Assets icon size was changed
– The appearance of pop-up windows for making deposits has been changed.

Changes on Send page
Now by clicking on the “Send” button in the top menu, a pop-up window appears with the ability to send messages.
To open the “Send” page in the old format, users will need to go to the “Account” page and click on “Send to” in the left vertical menu.

We also fixed a problem with the inability to scroll through the currencies to pay for the “Blockchain fee” when executing the output.
And also there will be no more problems with displaying symbols in the pop-up window of RMBpay output.

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