Meet the Updated Trade Tab on OpenLedger DEX

January 29, 2019
OpenLedger DEX

Dear OpenLedger DEX users,

We keep on working towards the goal of achieving the best possible user experience, and today we are proud to introduce a brand-new interface of the trade tab on our decentralized trading platform.

What’s New and What Changed

Order Book

The order book section is now displayed vertically by default. You can switch to the horizontal mode anytime.

We introduced coloring to make buy and sell asset amounts clearly visible. The amount of orders for a specific price level is represented by the bright color.

The more transparent color indicates the total amount of orders located above the row.

To calculate the total amount of buy/sell orders in specific rows, select at least two rows and their total amount will be displayed on the right.

The vertical mode also displays the spread. The spread is the gap between the best bid and the best ask prices expressed in percentage.


The new “Favorites” tab replaced filtering by favorite trading pairs on the “Markets” section.

Buy/Sell Section

We slightly updated basic and advanced modes of the buy/sell section. Here are the major changes:

  • The price field now shows the best price of a base coin (e.g., 1 BTS = 0.0000108 BTC) in real time.

  • Fee distribution is now explained in detail.

There are some other changes in the advanced mode:

  • We added a “buy/sell amount” slider as an alternative to the manual entering of the amount you are going to buy/sell. Move the slider to set the necessary amount or manage the one entered manually.

  • The Expiration dropdown menu appeared on the section, meaning now you can set a validity period for your orders.

  • The balance validation was added. The system checks whether you have enough assets in your account to carry out a transaction. If you don’t, you’ll be shown the “insufficient balance” message.

  • Details on the market fee are also available.

Additional Features

The design of the “My trades/Market trades” section changed a little bit.

All sections on the page can be collapsed. To perform this action, use the “collapse” button at the top of a section.

We improved the search functionality for markets. Enter “.” in the search field to find tokens whose titles contain a dot or enter “bit” to search for smartcoins.

Explanations for “Amount” and “Total” fields were added.

We also introduced an adaptive design to make the site look great on different screen sizes.

We hope you like the updated interface as much as we do. Have any suggestions or questions? Feel free to submit a ticket via Freshdesk.

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Best regards,
The OpenLedger DEX Team

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