OpenLedger’s Chinese Telegram Group Reaches 1000 Members Fast

October 12, 2017
OpenLedger DEX



Created on September 19th, 2017, the members of OpenLedger’s Chinese telegram group reached 1000, with the speed of growth impressing the crypto and blockchain communities.

The OpenLedger telegram group that aims to provide better support and information for Chinese speakers, becoming the first choice for them to directly get connected with OpenLedger. In this group, everyone is free to talk about everything related to blockchain, crypto-currency, OpenLedger and Bitshares – in a respectful manner.

Community Manager, Zhaomu Liao, says, “People here are friendly and always willing to teach the newcomers how to use the OpenLedger DEX. For Chinese users have questions regarding deposits or withdrawals from OpenLedger’s Decentralized Exchange, this group can lead them to OpenLedger’s help desk and provide further assistance.

A senior members from the Bitshares community said, “OpenLedger are building a Chinese Bitshares empire on social media. This is ‘Crazy’ growth, 0 to 1000 members, in weeks!”

Ronny Boesing, the CEO of OpenLedger, responds to questions towards him in a timely manner. Boesing says, “If you don’t know a single word of English, don’t worry! You can find Zhaomu online and just enjoy your time discussing the future of OpenLedger with everyone, including me.”

“My team and I have been to China frequently this year as we have many businesses we are doing business with and we believe that China has a huge potential market for blockchain business. Our vision is to expand our BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) and use blockchain technology to futureproof businesses successfully.”

Boesing continued, “When someone in the Telegram group asked me whether China’s announcement about ICOs would affect OpenLedger’s plans, I replied, ‘No. OpenLedger always focuses on finding the real use cases of blockchain and making people’s life better by using this technology.’ We are building a healthy and self-growing ecosystem, which means it is stable and reliable. BaaS is really the future”

Aviva Ounap, CMO of OpenLedger, says, “It is known that this official telegram group is just a small but significant slice of OpenLedger’s targeted marketing plan for the Chinese market. In order to coordinate with the launch of OpenLedger’s new website, a new, official WeChat account was registered, which will post the latest information about OpenLedger and the projects currently operating and launching in its ecosystem. In addition, Chinese translation for the new website is already in progress. Our communities are genuinely happy about our growth and progress, and we look forward to welcoming even more to our world.”

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