Over $1.5 Million Raised During OBITS Auction

June 29, 2017
OpenLedger DEX

OBITS has once again hit a record! Over $1.5 Million USD were raised during the OBITS WARRANTS AUCTION, held last Sunday. The entire supply of OBITS is now available for anyone to purchase. Voting options on OBITS will start on the first week of July, giving voters the choice of sharedrop, buyback or a 50% mix of sharedropand buyback.

A snapshot on OBITS holders in the middle of July will define who will receive 5% of the supply ofOCASH as asharedrop. A similar snapshot on all OBITS holders will happen in the middle of each month for the next 4 months, so keep your friends close, and your OBITS closer.

Buy OBITS here:

BTC: https://openledger.io/market/OBITS_OPEN.BTC

USD: https://openledger.io/market/OBITS_USD

BTS: https://openledger.io/market/OBITS_BTS

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