REALITY Tokens: Important Update For Holders

September 17, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

GetGame BuyBack

Dear REALITY holders,

Here’s an important update for all the investors of the GetGame project.

GetGame status update

Our team developed the prototype, tested it, and realized that the market had significantly changed. We want this project to bring value to the BitShares community by providing a new and in-demand service to attract more people to BitShares. That’s why we are working on rebuilding one of the platform’s core features, removing the unnecessary functionality, and providing users with a more sophisticated solution.

It means that the GetGame platform will not be launched in the nearest future, as the development process has changed its direction.

As some of the REALITY tokens were sold to the market, we’re convinced it’s necessary to inform our investors about the changes and to provide them with the options to stay in the project, or to leave.

REALITY tokens buyback program

For those investors who don’t agree with the changes announced above and choose to quit the project, we’re offering a buyback opportunity.

OpenLedger will be placing REALITY buyback orders from the getgame account. The orders will be based on the price of 0,6667 BitUSD for 1 REALITY, which was the initial price of the token.

The amount of BitUSD to be placed in each order will be determined by OpenLedger, as well as the day of the order placement.

On September, 20th, we will place the first buyback order. The following orders will be placed without any preliminary announcements, to prevent the speculation.

The getgame account will not be involved in REALITY selling process. The tokens bought by OpenLedger will remain on the getgame account. The amount and the frequency of orders will be based on the DEX performance and OpenLedger available funds. There is no end date for this activity.

Contact us

Should you have any questions about the GetGame project and REALITY tokens, feel free to ask us at

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Best regards,
The OpenLedger Team

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