Ripple confirms $100m education program

September 28, 2018
Chris Wheal

Ripple has confirmed it will give $100m away in its ‘Ripple for Good’ programme with a special emphasis on education. The San Francisco-based crypto player says the move supplements its RippleWorks programme that targets medical aid and healthcare. 

‘Real world and scaleable’

“Ripple for Good will focus on applications and real-world use cases with the potential for scaleable social impact,” says the company. 

Ripple is now being accepted by UNICEF

Co-founder and executive chairman Chris Larsen wants Ripple “to stop being self-righteous disruptors and instead focus on building things that solve real world problems.” 

He adds: “If we focus the blockchain movement on that, over two-billion underbanked people can become full economic citizens.”

Expect continued work meanwhile in banking and global payments that are available to as many as possible, including the unbanked. “Our goal is to deliver on the promise of an Internet of Value for all,” says the company. 

Ripple focus will have a heavy education bent

UNICEF taking Ripple and Stellar

Earlier this summer Ripple handed $50m to more than 15 universities to help encourage development of the blockchain and a payments ecosystem.

Meanwhile UNICEF is now accepting donations in both Ripple and Stellar. Cryptocurrencies now represent “innovation in both solidarity and fund-raising that few charities are currently exploring, but the trend is rising,” says Sébastien Lyon, director general of UNICEF France.

Post written by Chris Wheal
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