Russian MoD builds blockchain research lab

July 03, 2018
Chris Wheal

Russian Ministry of Defence in Moscow

Russian Ministry of Defence in Moscow: Shutterstock

The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defence is establishing a research laboratory in the ERA technology park, which will focus on blockchain technologies to strengthen cybersecurity and defend critical information infrastructure from attack, reports Izvestia.

The paper reports that experts believe blockchain will assist the army in locating  the origin of hack attacks and improve its databases security in general.

“A trespasser often clears the permission log to hide traces of unauthorised access to the device,” commented Kaspersky Lab anti-virus expert Alexey Malanov. “However, if the log is distributed among several devices – for example via blockchain technology – is this risk can be minimised.”

German Klimenko, chairman of the Digital Economy Development Fund and a former technology advisor to Russian president Vladimir Putin, agrees that work on blockchain studies has been useful for Russia’s cybersecurity industry in the nation. “Currently, the Ministry of Defence is driving major IT developments and research endeavours, which is a good thing for the industry,” he commented.

Future IT hub

The lab will be built in the Russian coastal town of Anapa and will be overseen by the Russian Federation’s Eighth Directorate of General Staff of the Armed Forces, which is responsible for information security and protecting state secrets.

The ERA technopark specialises in building intelligent systems that can be used to detect and prevent computer attacks on information infrastructure of military forces. It is expected to develop over time into an IT industry hub for specialists from across Russia.

NATO and the Pentagon are also reportedly reviewing blockchain applications and using the technology to protect systems from cyber attacks. NATO will use blockchain to safeguard financial information, supply, and logistics chains, while the Pentagon is working on a hack-proof data transfer system.

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