Save 50% on all fees when trading with OpenLedger DEX! Effective today!

March 01, 2018
OpenLedger DEX

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Starting March 1st, 2018, OpenLedger DEX trading platform cuts all fees on all deals with open assets by 50%. The new market fee rate for each open asset is just 0,1%!

This news means the crypto currency exchange has become two times more profitable for all DEX traders! The new market fee will stay actual for the next 30 days. In addition to very competitive market fee, the platform offers the following advantages:

– 100% decentralization. All trades are completed peer-to-peer, no regulators or third-parties are involved;

– 50+ crypto coins are supported now with new coins added weekly;

– one of the highest transaction speed on the market (100,000 per sec);

– efficient referral programs.

You can become a trader with just few clicks! Just go to the website or for Asia-based traders. It takes only 15 seconds to register and it’s absolutely FREE!


OpenLedger: Blockchain powered. People driven.

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